10 Reasons to Attend a Journalism Convention

  1. Learn something new. Conventions offer a variety of breakout session topics — not just about yearbook. Students can learn about journalism ethics and law, technology and design, marketing and business tips, photography or just the basics of writing and reporting. And that’s only the beginning. Students will learn skills, such as problem-solving and collaboration, that they’ll use long after they graduate. Bonus for advisers: You can receive additional training and certifications at journalism convention sessions.
  2. Step out of the bubble. It’s so easy to get comfortable with how we operate in the classroom. The same people, the same schedules, the same tasks. National, state and regional conventions are a great way to experience life outside the classroom. Conventions provide you and your staff ways to shake things up by challenging your staff (and yourself) to grow and learn in a new environment. 
  3. Opportunity for travel. What’s better than learning new ways to yearbook? Doing it in a new place, of course! Travel is a unique way for students to learn and develop in a way they might not experience in a classroom. They will get to see new places, try new foods and meet fellow journalists at conventions all over the country.
  4. Connect with other schools. Conventions bring together a network of students and advisers to exchange ideas, share the struggles and keep the passion for scholastic journalism alive. Plus, they’re a great way to make some new YBK bffs and keep the fun going after you leave. We can only imagine what great ideas will come alive in your yearbooks after meeting other superstar yearbookers.
  5. Get inspired. Conventions are (quite literally) plastered with so much inspiration. Go visit booths and vendors for designs, award-winning books and maybe even a copy or two (or three!) for you to take home. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by other advisers, students, sessions, speakers, award-winning programs and pros in media and journalism. You’ll also have the opportunity to see yearbooks from across the country and how you can incorporate new ideas into your next publication.
  6. Bond as a staff. There’s nothing that will bring a staff together more than a good road trip, hotel stay and 24/7 coffee runs together. Going to a convention can bring your staffs closer together and bond over crazy travel experiences and all that they’re learning. If you’re bringing a convention veteran, have them partner up with a newer staffer so they can learn more about one another and share their travel and convention excitement.
  7. Get one-on-one help with your book. We’re excited to provide you (and your staffers) the opportunity to meet with fellow advisers to talk everything from theme and coverage to design and photography. Or, if you’re traveling solo and want to spend time decompressing and learning ways to manage your staff, let’s chat! You’ll find your HJ YBK team is here for you through it all. Chat with your rep for more details on special consultant appointments.
  8. Free swag. We had to throw this one in here. Bags, flair, stickers, oh my! You’ll be going home with 10 more pounds in your carry-on bag. We know you love it! 😉 
  9. Celebrate! Students and publications are able to receive local, state and national recognition through various student media contests and awards. Critiques are also available to learn more about areas of improvement for your publications. Plus, there are opportunities to test their knowledge in fun write-offs or quiz bowls.
  10. Know you will never yearbook alone. You will leave conventions with a newfound love for yearbook and scholastic journalism. Full of inspiration, ideas and knowing you have your HJ YBK team by your side, you’ll be ready to make your best yearbook yet.

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