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If you’ve done a search about augmented reality lately, you’ll see that there’s lots of info out there. We have combed through all of it to provide the easy-to-follow instructions and tips you need to get started.

Create an account on the free HP Reveal app to augment your reality.

Not sure you’re ready to commit? Check out these examples.

Each entry in the showcase below lists the school/yearbook staff’s channel. By following the school/yearbook staff’s channel and then scanning the photos marked with the HP Reveal call-to-action icon, you’ll access an array of videos these schools added to bring their yearbooks to life.


While other augmented reality apps exist, one makes the most sense in the world of yearbook. For step-by-step instructions for HP Reveal and advice on best practices, check in below. 


Instructions and
Follower Form

Yearbook staffs can share this editable PDF to let the school community know how to follow their channels and where in the yearbook AR has been used. Simply download the instructions and form, add your own details and distribute.

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Even More: HP Reveal Icons

HP Reveal has created icons to identify which published images are augmented and can be scanned by readers. We thought it would be easier if all of the icons any staff could ever need were packaged and in one place. Download this zipped file to get started!