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Update your Tech with NEW Wallpapers!

Happy Scholastic Journalism Week! We hope your staff is having lots of fun celebrating (while working towards those deadlines!) We’d love to see some of those celebrations, so tag us and use the hashtag #SJW2017 in your posts. Here’s another way to make the week extra special. Download our exclusive NEW yerd backgrounds for your […]

Staff-Made Videos Increase Sales

We are still swooning over the yearbook video that Honda created for the Super Bowl. Funny, touching and those were actual yearbook photos of the celebrities, digitally brought to life — nostalgic and entertaining. It was easily our favorite commercial and appropriately so. The video is actually a perfect example of inspiration for your own […]

A Yearbook is a Love Letter

Pat Conroy once said, “A yearbook is a love letter a school writes to itself.” How is a yearbook a love letter, you might ask? The better question is: how is a yearbook not a love letter? A quick web search tells me that a “love letter” is a way to express feelings of love […]

Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Valentine’s Day is next week and it’s also the perfect opportunity to spread some love and appreciation to your staffers, advisers or even those faculty members in your school who are constantly understanding of the yearbook staff’s schedule. (Because you know how staff time restraints and needs can be difficult for other teachers.) Plan now […]

How to Nurture a True Colors Staff

Last week I briefly detailed a process to recruit your next diverse yearbook staff using the True Colors personality technique. This process allows you to categorize potential and existing yearbookers into four color groups that describe how each one works, how they process information, their wants and needs and overall personality traits. A good mix […]

Recruiting a Colorful Yearbook Staff

There is no doubt that choosing the right students is the key to a successful yearbook program. A fun way to do this is through categorizing students by their “True Colors,” a  personality typing that has been studied since Hippocrates first proposed the theory that people are intrinsically different. In 1978, based on the work […]

HJ Plus One is Like BOGO Yearbooks

Are you more likely to buy something if it’s a BOGO deal? What if (in a sense) you sold the yearbook in the same manner? You can — by advertising and promoting the Herff Jones Plus One App. When students purchase their copy of the printed yearbook, they’re guaranteed access to an online version of […]

A Tip to Maintain Coverage Momentum

So it’s already halfway through the school year and there are plenty of students that still need to be covered in the yearbook. What is the solution? As advisers, you probably have plenty of ideas for covering more students, (and I hope you share those tips with us in the comments section,) but if you […]