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HJ Plus One is Like BOGO Yearbooks

Are you more likely to buy something if it’s a BOGO deal? What if (in a sense) you sold the yearbook in the same manner? You can — by advertising and promoting the Herff Jones Plus One App. When students purchase their copy of the printed yearbook, they’re guaranteed access to an online version of […]

A Tip to Maintain Coverage Momentum

So it’s already halfway through the school year and there are plenty of students that still need to be covered in the yearbook. What is the solution? As advisers, you probably have plenty of ideas for covering more students, (and I hope you share those tips with us in the comments section,) but if you […]

Work Toward a Sellout

No matter where you are with your book sales, we always have refreshing ideas to help your staff sell more… and in a perfect world, sell out. A sellout would mean selling all copies and at least breaking even, but only after you’ve accounted for additional copies you’ll reserve for your archives, the library, the […]

New Year, New Items to Check Off the To-Do List

Happy new year! We’re not even two weeks into 2017, but we hope you are already feeling more motivated and inspired than ever to meet goals including, but not limited to, selling remaining yearbooks, drinking more water, meeting deadlines on time, squeezing in more gym time and beginning to set your sights on spring yearbook […]

An Awesome Opportunity for High School Juniors

If you have passionate, driven and journalism-loving high school juniors on your staff, pay close attention. These individuals have the chance to apply to be one of only 51 high school juniors chosen to attend the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference at the Newseum in Washington D.C. June 17-22, 2017. The 51 chosen rising seniors will receive […]

2016 Trends Can Mark the School Year Significantly

2016 was an eventful, unforgettable and (odd?) year. Your staff will probably want to (and should) include some coverage of the year’s events, trends, big news and viral stories. Topics like these will help put a lasting timestamp on the year that will engage memories when the book is opened years later and right now […]

10 Winter Break Coverage Ideas

There is lots of fun to go around during winter break, and lots of great coverage opportunities. I browsed through just a few books in our office that we received as Ideas That Fly submissions. Without fail, all four that I randomly chose had at least one double-page spread featuring stories and topics on winter […]

A Brighter Holiday is Just a Yerdy Carol Away

Life is too short to be taken seriously. We like to have fun around here and we totally encourage (and hope!) that your staff finds time to do the same this holiday season. We know there are big deadlines looming, but once you get them squared away, we hope you participate in some fun, silly […]

Multiply Joy with Festive Backgrounds

December is a time of sharing, giving and spreading joy and we want to partake in all of those things! We appreciate you, your staffs and all of your hard work throughout the year. We hope you enjoy these festive backgrounds to use on your desktops, smart phones or tablets this holiday season.  

Yerd Flair Goes Digital

December and January can be tough months for a yearbook staff. Many of you have deadlines yet this month and again, it seems, as soon as you return in January from winter break. So how do you overcome what is the epitome of yearbook stress? Constant, thorough and effective communication helps. There will surely be […]