Organization of the sales teams should begin early! Be sure to allow enough time for training on how to make a sales presentation, how to ask for the order and get the customer’s signature, how to use sales support materials, and the proper procedure for collecting and turning in advertising money and copy.

For assistance in advertising sales training tips in your community, you might call on the advertising department of your local newspaper, the yellow pages, or other publications filled with heavy advertising pages. Ask if the publication could send its best advertising salesperson to your training session to help you train your ad sales team. Most will be glad to assist you.

When the sales team is ready to hit the road, they will need organized sales territories.


1. Assign geographic regions with each sales team contacting every business in its region.

2. Assign types of businesses to specific teams. Different teams may specialize in professional patrons, large stores, chain stores, independent merchants, etc.

Whichever method you choose, DO NOT overlap territories.

Finally, each sales team should be assigned a specific sales quota. The sum of all sales quotas is the advertising plan objective. Enter this total figure in the budget forecast for advertising sales income.


The advertising sales portfolio is designed to showcase a creative package of visual ideas and functional business forms. It lends professionalism to the student salesperson if prepared and presented in the proper way.

Each sales team should have one of these folders prepared for each selling presentation. Inside, on one side of the portfolio there should be placed a letter of introduction from the school principal or yearbook adviser. This is a simple form of identification. In many communities the chamber of commerce requires its approval to solicit for advertising. A copy of the chamber’s approval letter might also be included in the portfolio.

The portfolio also should include a layout of a proposed ad showing the prospective advertiser a visual concept of how an ad looks. If the advertiser placed an ad in last year’s book, it would be a good idea to include a tear sheet of that ad in the portfolio for easy reference.

Finally, be sure to include the most important document of all — the advertising contract.


The advertising contract should be completely filled in and signed by the customer. Print all information carefully and be certain all spelling is correct. If an ad layout has not been prepared in advance, a rough draft layout should be drawn in the layout area of the contract and initialed by the store manager.