Varying the way you start captions will help keep your readers engaged with the page.  Below are some ideas to help you switch it up.

Right in step with
In her spare time
With any effort
Searching for
While a junior
Amused with
Searching for
Tired of
After a long night
Discussing the
On her way to
After scoring the point
Acting as
Stopping to
In a desperate attempt
Total silence made
Heading back to
Trying to stay
Twisting into a
In order to win
Not pleased with
Instead of working
Toasting his class
Engulfed in her work
Rarely seen without a
Surrounded by
With crown in hand
Discussing the
Just before the
Frustrated after the

Trying to collect
To achieve this
Abandoned by
In honor of
Sweeping her off her feet
After finishing
With dinner time approaching
As the crowd
Caught in the spirit of
Taking time out
Carefully considering
As senior
While waiting for his
Trying to hide his
Upon learning to
Unable to
Behind the scenes
After the ceremony
To add a little fun
In anticipation
Wishing that
Looking for
While taking a breather
On her way home
During the parade
In the hope
Working on the
While enjoying the
To create the look
Accompanied by

To secure her
To answer the question
Taking advantage of the
Before speaking
Despite his efforts
While throwing the
Caught chatting
Paying special attention to
To clarify the problem
To understand the situation
By working with
By watching the
Getting ready for the
Moving away from the
Seeing his best friend
Seeing the team win
While looking at the
With an effort to
Completing the task
Completing the pass
In an intense game
In an intense discussion
With victory so close
While scoring the final
Scooping it up
As the bus arrives
With the aid of
Reaching for
Stressed out over
Before going out

Contributed by:
Jane Roehrig & Heidi Bryant
Herff Jones Sales Professionals, CA