Have you ever found it challenging to choose fonts that compliment each other? Well, HJ has come to the rescue! We have selected some fonts from Your Type that work well together.

Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when you are making your font choices.


Playful, fun fonts look great with fonts that have more elegant, sophisticated qualities. The contrast between the two fonts creates an “opposites attract” illusion.

Bold With Condensed font
AHJ Chantilly UB Ultra Black with AHJ Commercial Script


Decorative fonts are easily identified because of the designs and unique shapes that define the letterforms. These fonts are best to use in a short headline because many decorative fonts can be difficult to read. If you use a decorative headline, choose a more simple, easy-to-read font for your subhead.

AHJ MIchael with AHJ Avalon Demibold

AHJ Splatter with AHJ Function BoldSANS SERIF & SERIF

Often you can combine a thick, heavy, sans serif font with a thin serif font. What in the world is a serif? Serifs are short strokes that extend from major strokes of a letterform.

AHJ Rigid with AHJ Unitus Cond LH Light


Try selecting a thick, heavy font and a thin or condensed font from the same family. The different weights in the letterforms create a unique effect.

AHJ Delaney with AHJ Opus Bold