Club Picture Day; It Takes a Village

Club Picture Day; It Takes a Village

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your Club Picture Day. I organize mine as an after- school event and require a teacher/sponsor to accompany their students. Unfortunately, too many club hoppers have led to me needing extra eyes on deck.

I reserve the small gym for our Club Picture Day. I use three sets of bleachers and have teachers sign up for various times on the bleachers via

Two weeks before the event I send the Building Manager the following needs list:

  1. A megaphone
  2. As you are facing the North gym, can the two doors closest to the bleachers be locked? I want the two doors on the far left (as you are facing the North gym from the outside) unlocked.
  3. All basketball hoops up
  4. Bleachers down
  5. Red rope stanchions so I can block off an area around the photographer

A week before the event I send the teachers the following e-mail reminders:

Thank you for signing up for Club Picture Day.  

I wanted to remind you of a couple things that will ensure another successful event:

  1. Remind club members that picture day is Thursday, Oct. 27 in the North gym. Let them know the time your club photo will be taken.
  2. If your club members have a t-shirt, remind them to wear it.
  3. NO props are allowed in photos.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes early, this applies to any club photo scheduled after 2:45. Photos will not be reshot if someone arrives late. Punctuality is key!
  5. There will be signs hanging on the wall around the North Gym. Have students place all of their belongings against the wall and wait to be called. This is the perfect time to remind students not to make hand gestures in photos and to fill the front row before the back row of the photo.
  6. Once everyone is seated on the bleachers, make sure everyone in the photo is in the club. PLEASE help me keep out students that are not members of your club. It only ruins the integrity of your organization. This is why I ask for adult supervision for each club.
  7. Once students are seated, we will pass along clipboards for students to write down their names.  

Thank you again for your help, patience and support. It takes a village to execute this after school event so smoothly! Have a terrific Tuesday.

On the day of the event I have signs hanging around the gym with each club name. In addition to the club name, I also post the time the photo will be taken. Plus, the Key Club helps with the event. A group of four students works each single set of bleachers. Here is what they do:

PERSON ONE: Provides a club sign so we know which image is being taken.

PERSON TWO: Passes out front row clipboard after all students are seated to print names for identification.

PERSON THREE: Passes out middle row clipboard after all students are seated to print names for identification.

PERSON FOUR: Passes out back row clipboard after all students are seated to print names for identification.

At the end of the clubs picture, person one then staples the packet of information together and reloads the bleachers.

It is important that you have signage posted outside your photo location so that students know what time their club is being photographed. It’s not a bad idea to also post the schedule on social media.

The key to success is being organized. Roll with the punches of the day, over communicate and plan for the unexpected. Last year, the photo studio that was in charge of our school event forgot to show up on campus. I ran, got three cameras and had three yearbook students fill in. Critically think through your obstacle and demonstrate resilience.

Debra Klevens

Debra Klevens

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Mother to Sydney and Zoe, wife of Michael and teacher to many publications students. Passionate about empowering students to be their personal best. Always striving to be better than I was yesterday.
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    Renata May says:

    Can you offer any suggestions about how to plan whole-school photos in a particular shape? I’ve heard these events can be executed quickly. What’s the secret?

      Pennie Fien says:

      There’s a tradition in my school to take a bird’s eye view photo of the entire senior class forming the roman numeral for the year. We use tape for an outline and have staff members surrounding it at intervals making sure everyone stays within it. Then the tape is removed in photoshop. It’s not a perfect system but given there’s 500+ seniors it works out pretty well. Hope that answers your question!

    Carolyn Anderson says:

    For Middle Schools….
    We are a middle school but still have over 60 students in our choir and bands. When we to club pics it must be completed during the school day, and within the 2 hour lunch periods block (we use the gym and it is a classroom the rest of the day). I write a schedule bringing the largest group in during their lunch period and work the rest around the advisors schedules. The clipboard idea is awesome but time consuming. We are literally lining up one group while the other is getting photographed. Instead we devised a system where the kids exit the bleachers one row at a time in order and go to signing tables. The sign in sheets are divided by rows, so all rows are signing simultaneously. We staple the sheets in order and send them back to class!


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