Decide what size the image should be by looking at the window size on the layout. Let’s say, the window is 20 x 18 picas. Add two picas to the width and height to give some room to manuever the photo in the window. The image will be cropped to 22 x 20 picas.

Make sure the window size is not larger than the area of the image that will be used. A digital image will degrade if it is enlarged too much, just like a photograph that is blown up too much. An image can be reduced with no loss of quality, but not enlarged.


Do a Save as…, change the name: add an a, the word crop or some other designation to the name. Work from a copy of the adjusted photo, in case it may be necessary to go back to the original file and recrop.

For instance, you may realize that a key person was cropped out of the photo. Instead of going back to the original file and trying to remember what adjustments were made, go to the adjusted version of the file and just recrop. This will save valuable time.

Crop Tool in PhotoshopCROP TOOL

Click on the Crop Tool in the Toolbox. Set the Crop Tool options in the Options palette at the top of the screen. Set the Width: and Height: for this image in picas and set the Resolution: to 300. Add an extra two picas to the width and height to give some room for moving the image after placing.

Crop width and height

Drag crop tool across photoCROP PHOTO

Click the Crop Tool on the image and drag to encompass the part of the image that will be used. The area outside of the cropped area will darken. The cropped area can be moved if it is not placed correctly by clicking and dragging or by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Double click in the cropped area to set the crop.

Photo is croppedSAVE

Save the file as a TIFF file or hi-res JPEG. The photo is now ready to be placed on the page.