WEEK 1: Preparation

  • What is the story you want to tell on this spread?
  • Brainstorm your coverage; pitch your ideas to the staff.
  • Decide on whom to cover, then how to cover them.
  • Crowdsource options for material.
  • Assign photographers to obtain photos.
    – What types of photos can you get/take?
    – How can you coach students/others to take photos for you that you can use?
  • Assign writers to do some fact-finding.
    – How will you do interviews?
  • Look for design inspiration and possible modes of coverage.

WEEK 2: Performance

  • PHOTOGRAPHERS look for photo opportunities each day.
    – Check school/student social media.
    – Upload, tag and sort photos.
  • WRITERS look for story opportunities each day.
    – Determine how you will tell each story on the spread.
    – Reach out, craft questions, conduct interviews.
    – Upload recorded interviews (
  • DESIGNERS choose mode of coverage and design spread based on inspo.
    – Work with the photographers and writers to build mods that tell the stories.
  • EDITORS check for variety: mode of coverage, people, topics. Provide feedback on elements.

WEEK 3: Production

  • WRITERS write copy based on your story form choice.
    – Conduct additional interviews if needed.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS choose photos.
    – Best photo should become dominant photo.
    – Adjust layout as needed to accommodate photos in hand.
  • DESIGNERS design spread using inspiration and in consultation with writers and photographers so content is featured in an impactful way.
  • EDITORS check in on spread progress regularly and provide feedback/redirection as needed.

WEEK 4: Polish

  • Write captions for all photos.
  • Get additional headshots/quotes needed to finish content.
  • Design/write headlines, subheadlines, bylines.
  • Finalize design, check spacing, maintain margins.
  • EDITORS AND ADVISER give feedback.
    – check Style Guide and compare
    – quality/accuracy/consistency
  • FRIDAY: Draft is ready to share for feedback and critique from staff.

WEEK 5: Proof

  • Print spread (if at all possible).
  • Proof all copy (read aloud to someone else).
  • Check spread against Style Guide.
    – font choices
    – spacing (margins – external and internal)
    – readability (especially if type is on a photo or background)
  • Verify name spellings with Master List.
  • Confirm folio is accurate: spread content/section/etc.
  • EDITORS AND ADVISER give feedback: quality/accuracy/consistency.
  • FRIDAY: Submit spreads.