This school year will be unlike any other — and we’ll stretch our idea of yearbook coverage to match it. As you begin your journey to create an unforgettable yearbook, here are some ideas to get you and your team thinking.


Some typical student life spreads can still be completed, but if you need ideas to replace events that don’t occur (homecoming, pep rallies, etc.), here is a list to get you started.


  • Throwback features or how far you’ve come
  • Favorite shows to binge-watch
  • Favorite new streaming service
    (Ex. The Peacock from NBC)
  • Tik-tok adventures
  • Favorite YouTube channels or streamers/influencers
  • Jobs and essential work
  • Volunteering
  • Junk in your trunk
    (Ex. junk under your bed, junk in your closet, etc.)
  • What’s on your playlist?
  • The election
  • Chronological pages to cover what’s happening as it happens at school, in the community, in the world (fun things, not just “current events” things)
  • People and their pets
  • Trends: Got-to-have shoes, clothes and accessories/technology
  • Tech talk: What’s the ultimate tech setup at home?
  • Gamer life: Stories of gamers with no schedule


  • Getting my driver’s license during social distancing
  • Watching Netflix together but apart
  • What I lost: Athletics, drama, job, etc…
  • What I gained: Silver linings
  • How I helped: Service in a time of social distancing
  • How I moved forward: Online AP Testing, SAT/ACT, college admissions, college visits
  • School policies
  • New normal: What was our daily routine? Day in the life of multiple kids from each grade level
  • Gym-less workouts
  • Quarantine chic: What’s your fashion when working from home?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the community: An entire spread about the city/town/county itself. Consider reaching out to local publications. Enlist local photographers to help document this time in exchange for free ad space (they could take pics of school, of town, maybe of seniors, etc.)
  • Adapt: How school events happened
  • QR codes to school videos
  • Remember when we… What you miss most about life at school before the quarantine?
  • Quarantine food innovations
  • Lunch at home (What do you eat? How do you make it? Best and grossest lunches)
  • Class ring fashion show
  • Quarantine chores your parents made you do
  • COVID-19 survival stories
  • Quarantine quinceañera
  • Dating during the quarantine
  • Boredom busters
  • Funniest auto-correct messages
  • Escaping screentime: What you do to get away from your digital life?
  • How has digital learning affected your social media life?
  • Teachers keep teaching: How did they handle teaching remotely?


  • The ins and outs of Zoom
  • Best Zoom moments
  • My favorite study spots
  • Studying with my pet
  • English classes:
    Assign each student to submit a photo of themself at home and explain why it represents this period in their life?

    The yearbook staff could give English teachers an extended list of questions for students to answer in an English assignment that could relate to the year and the theme

  • Photography: Devote part of the book to featuring photos/photographers
  • Art: Devote a section to featuring artwork/artists
  • Creative writing: Devote part of the book to featuring writing/writers
  • Performing arts:
    Use augmented reality or QR codes to embed videos students shoot of their performances

    Performing together online. Who has participated in something like a Zoom chorus rehearsal? How did it go?

  • Digital learning: Ask the principal to ask teachers to take three-four screenshots of what learning looks like in their classes. You’ll probably need admin support for teachers to follow-through.
  • Math: Use augmented reality or QR codes to show videos of students solving a math formula or talking through a word problem
  • Science: Experiments/lab assignments at home
  • Oral presentations quarantine-style
  • Fun things teachers do to make digital learning better
  • Photo bomb: When parents, grandparents, pets, siblings etc. interrupted an online class
  • Most embarrassing/surprising Zoom moments
  • Designing my virtual background
  • What does an online class session look like?
  • Notebooks, sticky-notes and highlighters: Non-digital relief to digital learning


  • The at-home athlete
  • Staying in shape
  • College recruitment
  • Athletic scholarship stories
  • What I miss most about my sport, my team, the season
  • Pets in letter jackets (or grandmas or some fun way to get athletes in shots with their letter jackets)
  • Home gyms: What do you use to substitute for gym equipment?
  • Making gym equipment out of everyday items
  • Eating healthy at home
  • Athletes’ quarantine schedules


  • Gather rosters and content from any clubs still meeting
  • Gather content from other groups students have made themselves:
    Remote jam sessions
    Book reading
    Study group
    Volunteer work
    Video gaming
  • Community-related involvement:
    Students who are representatives to community organizations
    Value of being involved in groups
    Community projects: Food banks, church youth group, scouts


  • Provide easy ways for voting and photo submission
  • Try some “new” superlatives!
    Most likely to fall asleep on Zoom
    Latest night owl
    Most tech savvy teacher
    Best on-camera teacher
    Teacher with the coolest digital classroom (where they are in their house)
    Best dressed on screen
    Coolest virtual background


  • For seniors, use submitted photos (from senior casual photos)
  • Staffers could take senior photos on their doorsteps or have seniors come to school on a spaced-out schedule
  • Could use previous year’s portraits, if needed
  • Enhance the people section so that it features more than portraits, and the portraits are larger. This section could easily scale up page-wise to make up for canceled activities.
  • Profiles
  • Surveys
  • Feature stories related to that grade level:
    Freshmen getting used to the rigor of high school or attending a HS orientation virtually
    Sophomores getting a driver’s license or permit or other turning-16 ritual
    Juniors focused on their transcript for college or getting a car
    Seniors turning 18, voting, getting senioritis or applying to colleges