Consider using this sample copy for a handout to go in every book. This can save time, frustration and tears. Make it distinct to your school and let the slip defend your work.

Thank you for purchasing your copy of the [YEAR, BOOK TITLE] Yearbook, the [EDITION #] from [SCHOOL NAME]! We thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the book!

Before writing or making any marks inside or outside your yearbook, check the book. Make sure there are no smears, tears, or any damage to the book. Once the book is marked, it cannot be returned. If you find any issues, please see yearbook adviser, [ADVISER NAME, ROOM #], immediately.

After you’ve checked for marks and any damage, write your name on your book! The inside cover is a great spot to mark your yearbook. This will prevent the book from being stolen or lost. Once, you’ve picked up your yearbook, we are no longer liable for the yearbook.

Any mistakes, misspellings, etc? We sincerely apologize if you come upon any of these as you enjoy the book. Believe us, we’ve already seen the issue, and are even more upset about it than you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about them at this point. Your feedback is what helps us continue to make our yearbook great, but please refrain from inappropriate or rude comments.

Love that picture of you and your friend on page 112? Awesome! That’s what we like to hear. We want to hear that feedback and you can do that by using the hashtag [INSERT HERE] on social media. Let a member of the [Staff name] team know they did a great job, or even post a photo with the book on Instagram. Your continued support is what keeps us going, and we love to hear it!