OMG, it’s October. If your sales efforts haven’t taken off, it’s time to try some “in your face” ideas for making sure students are in the know.

1) Create a sense of urgency:

Call it a sale. Call it a discount. And make sure they know it’s for a limited time.

2) Help a mom out:

Do you have an epic car-rider line at your school? Put up signs and banners that parents and guardians will see. Go to YearbookDiscoveries.com/shop to order some!

VIRTUAL VARIATION: Make sure you’ve got a spot in the grade-level newsletter. Repeat the message as often as possible.

3) Cash in on highly-visible areas:

Got a chain-link fence? Use foam cups to spell out “Buy a Yearbook.” Make an A-frame or sandwich board sign and have staffers walk around with coupons at sports events. It’s silly but it gets attention.

VIRTUAL VARIATION: Make a Zoom background, a short promotional video or another attention-grabber to go with a big sale and ask your teacher friends to help you send them out.

4) Host a contest:

Do grade-specific sales drives where the grade-level that buys the most books in a week gets some sort of prize. Free ice cream sandwiches at lunch? More recess for elementary students? The options are endless.

VIRTUAL VARIATION: Give students and parents an incentive for submitting photos. Ask for submissions and draw a name for a free yearbook. Use social media channels to promote your contest and make up a unique hashtag.

5) Stage a scavenger hunt:

One school hid plastic dinosaurs all around the school and introduced the scavenger hunt via Twitter. The students who found them got yearbook discounts and free autograph supplements or dust jackets. The contest information was communicated only through Twitter, so it was a bit mysterious. Students took selfies with the dinosaurs and used a special hashtag to claim their prizes.

6) Get some gift cards:

You have big corporate businesses (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc…) that aren’t allowed to place ads in your yearbook. However, they may want to support your efforts in other ways. Ask for gift cards and coupons you can use to as giveaways for your contests.

7) Use built-in fundraisers:

Create yearbook packages in eBusiness that combine books with personalization options like name plates or name stamps. Include autograph supplements and dust jackets too. Price these items so you are making a bit of profit off of each sale.

VIRTUAL VARIATION: Enroll in Sales Assist and Yearbook Order Center, and you’re already virtual. No other effort is required!

8) Plaster the school:

With posters, of course. Putting one poster up and leaving it for a month doesn’t work. But a short, funny reminder to buy a yearbook, placed in areas students are sure to see, helps a lot. Try bathroom stalls, next to the clock in classrooms, at the cafeteria entrance, above water fountains, on mirrors. Make sure to tell students how they can buy a book by posting folders of order forms or by sending them to YearbookOrderCenter.com.

VIRTUAL VARIATION: We have social media graphics and more for download at herff.ly/ybk-sales.

9) Take over a bulletin board:

Get into the Halloween holiday spirit with messages like, “Didn’t buy a yearbook yet? That’s scary!”

VIRTUAL VARIATION: Even if schools aren’t open, maybe trick-or-treating is still on. Consider posting yard signs in heavy traffic neighborhoods — with permission, of course. You can get some at YearbookDiscoveries.com/shop.

10) Be super social:

Don’t forget to use social media to support your sales. And remember, it’s usually not the kids you need to reach. It’s the moms, dads and grandmas, so if they follow your principal’s Twitter account, make sure they help you out with a tweet or two.