Distribution Day

Plan ahead so distribution will be the best day of the year.

  • Will you be moving boxes and setting up tables?
  • How will you hand out dust jackets and autograph supplements?
  • Think through how you’ll hand out personalized books (without mixing up any names)!
  • Will students need places to sign books? Will it be a party atmosphere?
  • How will students prove their payment? Did you know Herff Jones has wristbands you can hand out as an entry ticket?
  • Check out yearbookdiscoveries.com > shop for all the goodies you need to pull off the best yearbook day ever.
  • Make a kit for last-minute sales with a receipt book, computer, pens and envelopes. Make sure you have staffers assigned to this duty.
  • Print a distribution list from eBusiness and resolve any potential issues such as duplicate orders, balances due, missing information or students who have moved.
  • You should receive name plates in time to check spelling and cross-check against your eBusiness list. You may even have time to order replacements before distribution.
  • When books arrive, take a minute to have a special reveal moment with your editors and staffers. Make it special and take lots of pictures and videos!
  •  Inspect and count all of your books when they arrive. If there are problems, contact your rep immediately.
  •  Don’t forget to pull extra books for your classroom, administrators and the library. Don’t sell every single book right away. When you get down to about five books, start a waiting list and sell them once the dust settles.
  •  Even after books deliver, keep entering all sales into eBusiness so your records are correct. You’ll want to use those reports next year.