Talking Points

Advisers across the country are finding themselves in the position of having to remind administrators and central office personnel about the importance of yearbook. We’ve put together some talking points for advisers who find themselves in this position. You could even use these to get your staff fired up.


  • HISTORY BOOKS: We are living in a time that will never be forgotten. Our journeys will make up the stories told in history books to future generations. Our yearbook will be set aside as an artifact of this unprecedented year.
  • IN IT TOGETHER: Students are craving connection now more than ever, and yearbook is the perfect way to provide that. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear and day-to-day feelings that this pandemic brings, but it’s important to remember that when this is all over, these moments and stories will be an important time capsule to record this remarkable time in history. This may be the most important yearbook our school will ever create.
  • SENSE OF BELONGING: Schools give students a sense of safety and security. They give them that sense of belonging that comes with being part of something bigger than themselves. While we may not be able to provide a physical destination every day for 180 days, we can provide the sense of belonging they crave.
  • SENIOR PRIVILEGE: The Class of 2020 was denied the spring events that students have looked forward to for their entire high school careers. The yearbook, in many cases, was the one normal thing they had. The Class of 2021 deserves the same.
  • CONTINUE THE TRADITION: Parents who have purchased yearbooks for their other children will expect a yearbook that lives up to the quality and value of previous years’ books.
  • STRONG FOUNDATIONS: The work that our students have put into building this program will continue to support the yearbook this year.
  • REAL LIFE LESSONS: Yearbook skills — including leadership, business management, marketing, writing, communication — are always valuable. But this year, students will be able to add flexibility, contingency planning and many more skills to the list.


  • SO MANY STORIES: We all STILL have stories to tell. We imagine a book filled with the unique, individual stories of students persevering through new school schedules and distance learning, students overcoming challenges and finding new ways to stay connected and to support their community, and even spreads documenting the latest COVID mask fashion.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS EVERYWHERE: With many parents at home with their children, they can become extensions of our staff.
  • INCREASING INCLUSION: With Google Forms (or Microsoft Forms) we will be
    able to conduct surveys and virtual interviews. We may even be able to do a better job of including every student.
  • WORTH THE WAIT: Even if we have to shift our deadlines and delivery date, we will still be able to have a yearbook printed.
  • TOGETHER WE CAN: With the support of our Herff Jones rep and team, we can solve any problem. They have already provided resources and help to finish the 2020 book, and we’ve gotten off to a great start this year.