Combo-event distribution

YBK distribution is combined with graduation or some other event.


  • Ring + yearbook parade: We heard that one school still has their ring distribution day ahead for seniors. Why not combine yearbooks and rings? In this case, they are having a parade where seniors will decorate their cars and participate in a contest. Voting will be done by likes on social media after the parade and cash prizes will be awarded.
  • First home football game: It’s the first big event of the season, and everybody comes. Some schools even hold a yearbook dance, where fall-delivery books are traditionally distributed. It’s a great time to throw a party — and to sell any leftover books.
  • YBK Day at registration: If you end up with a book that delivers after school is out, this may be a good option for simplified distribution. Consider providing a spot for impromptu signing parties, and make sure to plan for distribution to last year’s graduates (maybe they’re now middle schoolers or freshmen.)
  • Graduation or rehearsal: Try to carve out a special moment for seniors to receive their books at rehearsal or graduation. You’d need a separate plan for handing out underclass books if this is the case.

What works:

  • Communication with administration will be key. Make sure you have buy-in and a place on the agenda.
  • When you do something special for seniors, make sure you have a plan to distribute to the rest of the students. Consider combining several approaches if that works best for your school.
  • Make a plan for accurately distributing personalized books and packages. Click here for more details.