Infographics are a quick and easy way to fill empty space and share stats, survey answers or bite-sized information. Plus, they’ll help remind your students what was popular during that school year. Ask about trending topics, go-to coffee orders or their favorite music artist. Interesting tidbits about current events — like the price of things — can be interesting as well. A next-level tip is to match spread topics or your theme!


  1. Open a square canvas in Canva from eDesign. Tip: If you’re working on the page, you can do this from the blue ‘C’ in the control panel. If you’re in the Art Library, go to Import > Create in Canva. 
  2. Click “Charts” in the left menu of Canva. 
  3. Scroll through the various charts until you see one that you like. Click it once. 
  4. Controls for your chosen chart will appear on the left. You can input the number of survey responses for each category and/or the percentage of responses. You can type in the categories themselves. You can delete items so that you’ve got the exact number of categories that you need. 
  5. Using the top menu, you can change the font and colors of your chart. If you don’t want any text to appear, make it white (this will work if the background of your page is also white.) 
  6. When done, click “Publish” in the upper right corner. Your chart will appear in your eDesign Art Library. 

Tips from the Pros:

  1. Use Google Forms as an easy way to create and distribute surveys for your students. 
  2. Choose one font in Canva to use for your Charts. Make this font part of your font palette and rely on it for Canva needs rather than trying to find an identical match within eDesign. 

Watch the full video tutorial below and download a printable PDF version of these instructions here. 

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