1. Collect the Entire Amount at One Time (preferably beginning of year)

2. Take Your Money to the Bank

3. Charge a Senior Portrait Sitting Fee

4. Help with School Picture Distribution

5. Sell Extra Pictures
• you will have hundreds of digital photos that don’t make it into the yearbook – make CDs of the extra photos and sell them to students

6. Sell Business and Personal Ads
• sell senior ads!
• survey students to see where they spend their money
• make a hit list to assign businesses to students
• design a call back/reject slip for businesses
• pay commissions for business ads

• entire class must first sell a minimum
• put a time limit on selling ads
• money must be collected before any paid out
• senior/club ads don’t count in commission
• pay commission in $1 bills before winter break

7. Promote Book Sales
• in letter to parents for senior ads
• to local doctors/dentists/realtors/graduates – ask them to buy just ONE BOOK for a student who could not otherwise afford one
• in spring to ALL students who have not yet purchased a book

8. Sell Copies of Old Yearbooks
• if you have several extra copies of old yearbooks, take them to school events and sell them to parents

9. Put on a Buddy Portrait Day
• order a backdrop from a photo wholesaler or borrow one from local photographer
• borrow lighting system from photo class or local photographer
• time Portrait Day between deadlines
• order cardboard “frames” for photos
• encourage multiple orders
• consider digital if you have the equipment – print it all yourself!

10. Throw a Distribution Party
• charge $2 admission
• give a coupon for supplement and/or plastic covers/pictures/signing sheets
• sell extra books
• sell pens for signing
• play loud music
• line up yearbook parents to chaperone
• decorate with hundreds of balloons in school or book colors
• hold in a room that will look crowded! (cafeteria/gym)
• promote like crazy (flyers/signs/reader board/announcements)
• only allow students to pick up book AFTER SCHOOL the next day if they don’t come to the party

Contributed by:
Kathy Daly
Retired Herff Jones Special Consultant
Former JEA Yearbook Adviser of the Year