You will never experience any sort of technical difficulty until a deadline is due, or so Murphy’s Law will tell you. Technical problems in the classroom are inevitable. They’re bound to happen no matter what precautions you take. They’re going to happen at the worst time.

FedEx® closes in 20 minutes and the stress level in the yearbook room has gone through the roof. Joey’s computer locked up and is now showing the blue screen of death, the printer next to Andrew is spewing out garbled text, Monica’s mouse stopped working 15 minutes ago and Stephanie’s computer can’t place the sports pictures that Natalie took earlier in the day! Argh!

When you’re ready to chuck that computer right out the window, remember that you don’t have to face technical challenges alone. Herff Jones has Technical Support Advisers (TSAs) ready to assist you with hardware and software dilemmas. They have heard everything from the easy questions to the most complex. Often, they’ll be able to walk you through your problem or give you an answer immediately. If they don’t have the answer right away, they know where to find it and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

TSAs are educated, trained and dedicated with their support. The first priority of a Herff Jones TSA is to provide you with customized, personal service. Each plant has an assigned TSA, which means that when you call for technical assistance, you’ll receive consistent support. If your plant TSA is busy helping another staff, you have the opportunity to talk to the TSA from one of our other plants, with the press of a button.

Don’t wait if you’re having a problem.

Your TSA can be reached toll-free at 877-362-7750, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Eastern time.