Happy National Yearbook Week!

This week, we celebrate you!

We love it when staffs celebrate National Yearbook Week with us by completing challenges and interacting with us on social media. Follow @HJyearbook on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and @Herff_Jones on TikTok. When you interact with our social media accounts by reposting, sharing and using #HJybkweek and #JustWatchUsYBK in your posts, you could get a shout-out or even a giveaway. If you don’t have social, just send an email with your content to ybk@herffjones.com.


Use the hashtag #HJybkweek and #JustWatchUsYBK and follow along with the challenges below. We’ll reach out to your staff via social media, so make sure your account includes the full name of your school and city/state as well. By using these hashtags, you are consenting that @HJyearbook has permission to post, repost and share your content to help you celebrate National Yearbook Week.


TAKE THE PLEDGE Before class starts, go to herff.ly/coverage-pledge and print the “Every Student” pledge sheet for each staffer. Lead a class discussion about the importance of including every student and how yearbook plays a pivotal role in connecting the people in your school as a community. Compare the permanence of the work you are doing for the yearbook with the fleeting nature of social media. Emphasize the importance of fairness and accuracy in reporting.  Hang the completed pledge sheets inside or outside your room as a visible reminder of the responsibility staffers have to their classmates to record this year of their shared history accurately and thoroughly. Create a TikTok or social media post of your staffers telling us why they yearbook or show us where your “Every Student” pledges are posted in your classroom. 

Possible words to include in your post: During National Yearbook week, we’re proud yearbook staffers and have an important responsibility for our school. This is why we yearbook. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK


TELL IT Start the day by reposting today’s badge: “Every student deserves to be included.” Tag us and use the hashtag #HJybkweek. Take pictures or create a TikTok of your staffers interviewing students or working on spreads. Another idea is to show us your staff at work covering an event or shooting candids. Celebrate the hard work your team does to make a spread come together. 

Possible words to include in your post: Our staff strives to include every student because we all have stories to tell. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK


SHOW YOUR WORK By giving your community a sneak peek of the work you’re doing, you are building your brand and excitement for your book, which helps fuel book sales. Get everyone excited and bring them into the process by artfully sharing sneak peeks, like a photo and caption, a spectacular type treatment or a snippet of your cover. We encourage you to keep the photo sharing going beyond today and ask your student body to help you by submitting photos. If you use eShare, be sure to mention it and provide a link. Always credit your photographers in your post! 

Possible words to include in your post: We’re focused on making a great yearbook. Here’s one of our favorite shots. Send us your best shots and we might just put them in the yearbook. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK We’re celebrating National Yearbook Week by giving you a sneak peek of your yearbook. [INCLUDE SALES INFORMATION and LINK to YearbookOrderCenter.com]. Reserve your yearbook today. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK


AWARD YOUR STAFF Today’s the day to celebrate your staff. One of our favorite methods is the Paper Plate Award, so hand out some cheap paper plates and some markers and have your editors make awards for their hardworking peers. Share how you bond and celebrate your staff through TikTok videos and social media. Post your content with the hashtag #HJybkweek, and consider doing it again soon. 

Possible words to include in your post: We’re celebrating National Yearbook Week by saluting our hard-working staffers. They’re telling your stories so you’ll have them forever preserved in a #yearbook. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK


MAKE SALES FLY National Yearbook Week is so much fun. Keep your yearbook in the limelight by participating in the 2022 Book Sales Blitz. For the next three weeks, we’ll be challenging you and your students to complete book and ad sales tasks. We’ll have weekly giveaways and big prizes at the end. You don’t have to be a Yearbook Order Center customer to participate. Even though we know you have already started selling books and ads, here’s an easy way to keep your sales going and your staffers motivated. Sign up now to participate and look for more information in your Adviser Assistance emails and on social media. To cap off a week of fun, show us your marketing skills by creating a TikTok or social media post promoting your book sales. 

Possible words to include in your post: As we wrap up National Yearbook Week, it’s the perfect time to remind you to buy your yearbook. [INCLUDE SALES INFORMATION and LINK to YearbookOrderCenter.com]. Reserve your yearbook today. @HJyearbook #HJybkweek #JustWatchUsYBK

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