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Here’s Your Ultimate YBK Recruitment Guide


The best yearbookers are everywhere. We want to help you find them. Fill your staff with students who have an array of interests and dreams, and teach them the skills to pursue any career they want with this all-encompassing YBK recruitment guide.

  1. PHONE A FRIEND. Ask for staffer referrals from your teacher friends and your current students. They know who will work hard and be team players. They are in class with students day-in and day-out, and chances are they already have peers in mind who would be perfect on your yearbook staff. Expand your reach and ask around. You never know who might show an interest.
  1. PREP YOUR PITCH. Once you have prospects, you’ll need to be ready to talk about the skills yearbook provides and the sense of belonging it promotes. Put your salesperson hat on and list a few talking points to mention when a potential staffer walks in your door. For extra points, download this PowerPoint and hold student interest meetings, parent info meetings and create opportunities to promote yearbook to administration. Promote these meeting times on social media or bulletin boards.

  1. PROMOTE ON SOCIAL. Post these social media badges daily or weekly during class-selection season. Have your current staffers share them on their on socials, too! Use them to advertise a yearbook open house and invite interested students to visit a worknight.


So, you have new staffers. Now, it is time to bring them into your happy family. Get them excited and ready to take on the year with your current staff. Here are a few ways to help them feel like part of the team. 

  1. INVITE THEM TO SUMMER WORKSHOPS. The chances are high that your new staffers don’t have a lot of yearbook (or general journalism) experience. The best way to get everyone on the same page — before the next school year begins —  is by attending a summer workshop together. Not to mention, this is a great opportunity for your staff to bond and create relationships. Find local, regional and national workshops here. Get your staffers excited for the HJ Summer Virtual Workshop on July 10-12. Register today here.
  1. GET THEM SOME *OFFICIAL* STAFF MERCH. Nothing says “welcome to the team” like matching staff shirts! This yearbook swag will make your staffers feel like part of the squad. Plus, putting together a little welcome package for your staffers is a great way to retain that excitement and revive that initiative they had when they completed the application.
  1. HAVE A PARTY! Hello, pizza parties and icebreakers! Everyone loves to feel celebrated. Kick off your yearbook on the right foot with a staff get together. Find some inspo on our HJ Yearbook Pinterest board.