While a majority of the school day is spent in class and pictures may be relatively easy to come by, school events tend to be the most memorable highlights of the year and may require enlisting others to help capture those moments. Below are some tips to consider.


Students love seeing pictures of themselves in the yearbook and if you truly want your book to capture the events that make the year special, you’ll want lot of photos to choose from. Because it may be impossible to take all of the photos yourself, consider enlisting the help of other parents and/or students whom you know will be at school events.


Short on space or hard pressed to find photos for a certain school event? Consider asking several students who were in attendance questions about their experience and including their answers on your pages.


It happens. You’re running late, unable to attend or just didn’t hear about a special event in time to plan for a anyone to take photos. Don’t fret. Utilize the school newsletter, social media or send notes home with students asking parents if they have any images of a certain event that they would be willing to share. Using photo gathering systems, like Herff Jones’ eShare makes it simple and easy for the school community to share images with you.


eShare allows everyone on campus and members of the community to submit digital images for possible inclusion in the yearbook. Images and caption information are uploaded to a secure website for your school. This is an easy way to collect great images for the yearbook and create excitement about the yearbook in both the school and the community.


To access a worksheet to help you keep track of covering your Events, click the Events Checklist link below.


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