Just like time spent in homeroom, special classes are an important and exciting part of an elementary schooler’s day. Below are some simple ways to feature specials in the yearbook.


Consider including action shots of these classes in the yearbook. To do so, contact each specials teacher to see if they mind someone dropping by to take a few photos for the yearbook. (The office secretary should be able to provide you with a schedule of special classes so you can ensure that each special is represented for each grade level.)

If you’re unable to visit the school during daytime hours, ask one or more of your parent volunteers if they’re able to stop by to take a few photos.

This process doesn’t have to be done in one day. In fact, you may want to ask the specials teachers if there is a particular class period or time of year when their classes are doing an especially interesting activity or project.


Kids love specials. They also love to tell you which one they enjoy most and which they are especially good at — so why not give them the opportunity to voice their interests in the yearbook?

Create and reproduce a simple half-sheet questionnaire. Distribute them to classrooms or send them home in parent folders — making sure you include a “due back by” date. Ask teachers to receive the completed sheets and deliver to the office in your name.


• Which is your favorite special class? Explain why.
• What was your favorite project/activity in _________ ? (fill in the name of a special class)


To access a worksheet to help you keep track of covering your Specials classes, click the Specials Checklist link below.


Specials Checklist
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