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How to Submit your Book

Portfolio is your go-to guide for innovation and inspiration. It is meant as a resource for you to pull fresh ideas and find new yearbook trends. And, the best part is you have a chance to be featured. Portfolio is compiled from books submitted directly to us for evaluation. (The latest version of Portfolio featuring 2022 books will be released soon!) Follow these steps for your chance to join the collection of great yearbooks in Portfolio 29.

  1. Submit the form here
  2. Find your HJ YBK Kit and put aside the goodies from inside. You can use this (or any) box to ship your book.
  3. Grab a copy of your 2023 yearbook and send it our way. We’ll even take a scuffed or overrun copy. Ship it here:

Attn: Portfolio

Herff Jones YBKhq – Hackl Building

4625 W 62nd St

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Send us your book by July 1 for spring-delivery books and September 30 for summer/fall-delivery books.

How to Get Inspired by Portfolio

In Portfolio, you’ll find everything from covers and individual spreads to overviews of some of the top books being produced by Herff Jones. Our family of staffs is known for innovation and for leading the way to produce new kinds of thriving publications suitable to any community and any budget.

ANTHOLOGY. Quite simply the best of the best. The amazing staffs featured in this section went the extra mile to make sure their school received a yearbook that not just captured the year but highlighted the stories of their peers in creative and innovative ways. They proved that yearbookers are journalists in the best and most inspiring ways.

GALLERY. An amazing collection of creativity, featuring covers, theme packages, endsheets, profiles, feature moments and impressive photography. Each and every year, we find ourselves in awe of how far yearbook staffs from across the U.S. and Canada push the envelope of imagination and inventiveness.

INNOVATIONS. This section features the latest and the greatest when it comes to book designs, extras and add-ons. Whether it’s new ways to treat a cover, a tip-in or the process that brings the magic of a yearbook together, we’re always watching to see what staffs will come up with next. And we’re never disappointed.

We can’t wait to celebrate the staffs included in Portfolio 28. Check out just a few of the staffs featured in Portfolio 27. We loved the staff celebrations!

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