Motivation from the Start, and All Year Long

Motivation from the Start, and All Year Long

Yearbook is a very loaded term and in-depth process, so your entire staff must be on board from the get-go. When the staff cares about the project early on, there will be a genuine passion poured into it all year long. Keeping your staff excited and motivated is key, and there are many ways to instill in them the motivation to give it their all. All of these are important, and many take very little effort, so choose the ones that make the most sense for your group and have fun.


Team-building games and activities within the first few weeks of school are crucial. Successfully creating a top-notch yearbook takes every bit of team effort that your staff can muster up, so allowing them to interact, get to know one another and begin problem solving through ice breakers is a great idea.


Birthdays are super fun and should be celebrated. Start a tradition of honoring your staffers’ birthdays as soon as possible. You can even implement “half birthday” celebrations for those who have summer birthdays. Some staffs do a cake or treats for everyone as each month begins and plan personal celebrations with singing and special privileges (a crown, the birthday wand or a one-minute dance party) on each staffer’s actual birthday.


One down, many to go — but still something to celebrate. Hard work deserves reward and validation, and celebrating with a small party can only guarantee that your staff will work even harder to complete subsequent deadlines… perhaps even early! Order pizza, have an ice cream social or a small potluck. Food never fails.


When your staffers are serious about yearbook, they will want to learn and absorb all the yearbook knowledge they can get their hands on. Plan now to attend your state press association’s fall J-Day or place the upcoming JEA/NSPA convention on your radar. It will be an immense learning, bonding and fun experience for your staff.  


Recognition (and appreciation) go a long way. Choose to recognize a staffer of the month to motivate your staff to give the book their all, each and every day. Decide to show them off in the staff room or school wide with a small token that rewards them for being super awesome and dedicated.


Something as simple as celebrating the end of the school week can excite and motivate your staff. The simplest gestures can go a long way — all work, and no play is no fun for anyone.


As mentioned earlier, yearbook encompasses a lot, and this new special order Yerd Shirt explains some of it. Consider it a uniform for your team of staffers. They can boast what they do day-to-day, and feel like the unified team they are. Not only that, but the shirts can help your staff stand out during special yearbook sales, functions, fundraisers, conventions and more.

These are just a few suggestions to keep the whole staff room happy, smiling and working hard toward a common goal. As advisers (or even staffers), what tried and true tricks work to keep all members motivated? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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