□ Photos have a wide tonal range from blacks to midtones to whites.
□ Photos are clear and sharp. Avoid blurred or fuzzy pictures.
□ Photos are clean and crisp. When the photo is too light, too dark, muddy or too grainy it takes away from the overall quality. Enlarging these prints will make them even worse.
□ Photos have one clear center of interest. Too many people doing too many things will confuse the readers and ultimately lose their interest.
□ Photos show action and/or reaction. Emotion makes pictures interesting. Students are emotional people. Capture them doing what they do instead of posing for the camera.
□ Photos avoid mergers (objects behind the subject’s head).
□ Color photos are vivid and sharp, not faded or washed out.

Contributed by:
Mimi Orth
Herff Jones Sales Professional, CA