Set the Tone for your Distribution Event

When I was on yearbook staff in high school, our distribution days were eh, average. We (the yearbook staff members) finally got to reveal our work (which was great!) but we handed out the yearbooks and that was that. We’d pack up the ones that didn’t get picked up and do it all the again the next day, and the next day until the number continued to dwindle. Looking back, it deserved to be a much bigger deal! Distribution day should involve more than just handing out yearbooks and sending buyers on their way. It should be an event that buyers look forward to. One that turns non-buyers into repeat buyers year after year, and one that makes them want to stay a while — laughing, reminiscing, signing one another’s yearbooks and having an all around great time. How do you do this? Start now and remain organized to set the tone.

Event space

Choose the right space. Outside on the football field, in the cafeteria or in the commons area are all great options. Get in touch with administration about plans to use this space for the purpose of distributing the yearbook and celebrating another school year together. Having everyone on the same page will pave the way for smooth planning thereafter.

Organize the Space (on paper)

Decide where books will be distributed, where overruns will be sold and where you’ll sell extras like dust covers and autograph supplements. Organizing specific stations and clearly marking them will keep your staff and everyone else sane.

Staff T-Shirts

Matching staff shirts will make your team easily identifiable. Whether you have your own, or need some, it will allow buyers, volunteers and faculty members to quickly spot a yearbook staffer with questions or concerns.  

Advertise and Announce

Build ample amounts of anticipation for distribution day. Create eye catching posters, post on social media and make in-school announcements. Your student body won’t be excited for the yearbook unless you are. So spread the word.


Decide how you want to decorate your event. You have a team full of creative geniuses at your disposal — you can’t go wrong. (But of course, Herff Jones does make it easy with some decor made specifically for distribution day. Check it out here.)

Budget in Extras

Consider providing pens (it is a signing event, after all), giveaways and raffles and refreshments. These are all great things that you’d expect at a party — distribution day is no exception.

Make a Playlist

Include what else but the songs of the year? Have the biggest music lover on staff compile that list so that you can mark that off of the distribution day to-do list!

Some other cool ideas — consider allowing only seniors the first hour of the event. The majority of the group has probably been together for the better part of 12 years; bring on the nostalgia. Then after that hour is up, invite the rest of your yearbook buyers to celebrate as well. You might even consider charging an admission fee to cover costs that may incur. It’s ultimately up to your staff and your budget. What are you waiting for? Plan away!



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