Snow Adversity 2016

Snow Adversity 2016

As I sit in Centreville, Virginia with literally tons of snow surrounding me and my school, I suppose I should be in panic mode about our fourth deadline looming. Will school even be open just one day this week? We are on our fourth consecutive day out as I write; most think we’ll be out the remaining three days this week.

I did send in our final copy count and the business team did submit the nameplate list before the blizzard of 2016. LESSON: When asked for information, comply ASAP.

We are 20 pages ahead. LESSON: Always submit extra pages the first two or three deadlines.

My editors have been texting and using social media to remind staffers of what must be done as soon as we return. LESSON: It is their deadline, not yours!

My rep has been supportive by sending out messages of comfort. LESSON: Trust your rep!

I have been experimenting with new recipes, knitting, reading and movie watching. The point is this: we can’t avoid what nature deals out. It is best for our collective mental health to go with the flow, bank sleep and be ready to go full force upon return. I have urged the editors and staff to clear calendars for work this coming Saturday. We will make it. Always have. Cheers

Did you have a similar experience? Tell us about it!

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