There’s An Exception to Every Rule

There's an Exception to Every Rule

As yearbook camp opened, we did a warm-up activity to get to know the other schools — and learn how each school is different. We were rushed to finish as the exercise was coming to an end; all that was left was to write one thing that we love most about our school.

Our school has fewer than 500 students. Ultimately, we scribbled “Small school, big heart” on our poster. Within minutes, we went up to present our poster as every other school did, thinking nothing of it… Little did we know, that last-minute phrase had a big impact on everyone listening.

Later that evening in class, an instructor mentioned to us how inspiring what we had thrown together was. She told us she’d whispered to the adviser seated next to her, “I hope that’s their theme at least every five years!” immediately after we said it. We knew we wanted our book to be more about our school so we started to discuss ways the phrase could be part of our book…

As we continued to discuss possibilities, another yerd from our school sent a text saying we should make it our theme. Everyone loved our idea and it all came together. “Small school, big heart” became our theme. It fits every part of our school. Our section spin-offs are: Small campus, big spirit; Small classes, big ideas; Small teams, big wins;  Small groups, big passion; Small school, big dreams and Small town, big support.

I know they usually say your theme won’t just fall from heaven, but I think ours did.

Skylar Chadwick

Skylar Chadwick

Yearbook Staffer
Argonaut (CA) HS

I'm a high school senior who drinks an unhealthy amount of Starbucks. I'm obsessed with the beach, but live in the country. Three of my best friends are my two Mac products and my yearbook adviser.
Skylar Chadwick

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