What’s New in eDesign

Here at Herff Jones, we are constantly thinking of ways to make the yearbook designing process easier and better for you and your staff. And that starts with eDesign. We are always changing and tweaking our design platform to stay up to date with all your yearbooking needs. We recently rolled out a few new features to make eDesign even smarter and more efficient for your book. Here are a few of the more noticeable changes in eDesign.

Missing Portraits Report

You can now generate a missing portraits report that shows names from the Name List for which a matching portrait cannot be found. Here is a video showing how this time-saving feature works: 

Copy Character Styles

You can now make a copy of an existing character style, so you can easily modify an existing style without having to start from scratch. Watch the video below to see this feature in action: 

Editors Can Flow Portraits on all Pages

Editors can now flow portraits on all pages–even those to which they have not been assigned. This will prevent situations where the editor is blocked from completing a portrait flow because the editor does not have editing rights to one or more of the affected pages. 

Align Folio Elements Across the Spread

You can now select items from both sides of the folio master for easier alignment. 

View only Covers and Endsheets

For Core books who submit the cover and/or endsheets outside of eDesign, the plant can now activate a “view-only” version of the cover and endsheets where the final artwork can be placed for viewing.

Default Settings for New Text Frames

New text frames created with the default setting now have a line spacing of 1 instead of the previous default setting of 1.2.

Want to see more eDesign in action? Click here to sign up for a quick demo and to meet your local rep.