Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Where to begin?
Everyone approaches the start of school a little differently. Some schools are already in session, some teachers are still hanging out by the pool. Some staffs are well into their theme development, and others are still working through distribution of their yearbook from last year.
Wherever you are in the process, don’t stress! Take a deep breath and know that we have more resources to support you than you could even use in a year’s time. We suggest you start by taking a bit of time to tour the curriculum resources at LearnYBK.com. Then, head over to YearbookDiscoveries.com and take a quick tour. Open that striped kit that’s hanging out in your classroom. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out this page.
Keep these three handy.
1. Check out these Monthly Checklists
2. Register for an eDesign Orientation Session
3. Access the workshop sessions at herff.ly/turnthepage
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
If you haven’t already, you still have time to get your book to us for an opportunity to be selected for Portfolio, our best-of annual publication. Follow this link to submit.
(Fill out the form and mail us a book!)
If you’re not familiar with Portfolio, check out this page.
Need to rewind? All of our Adviser Assistance emails are available on their own page.
12-piece printed curriculum set
Purchase our 12-piece printed curriculum set here.
Sales Assist
Need help selling your book? Check out Sales Assist.
Task Manager
Stay ahead of the work with Task Manager.
Online Ad Creation
Save time with Online Ad Creation.
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