Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Meet them where they are
It’s a central concept for educators — find out where your students are in their journey along the way to mastering a skill or concept and move them forward from there. Well, what about you? Where are you as an adviser? That was a trick question, honestly, because regardless of where you are, we’re here for you.
Here are a couple of key questions to help you determine what to teach first.
1. How overwhelmed are you? If the answer is “beyond belief,” check out this Surviving the First Week Checklist.
2. Do you need to come up with a theme? There are few places you could start. There’s a Quick Start Guide for staffs without a theme, and Theme Packets are a popular place for staffs of all levels to begin the process.
3. If you’re beyond all that, consider taking a look at the Turn the Page Workshop Videos related to theme. There are bunch, but you could start with Advanced Theme Development with Carrie Faust and Mike Simons or Keep Your Theme in the Driver Seat with Nancy Smith.
Keep these three handy.
1. Welcome for all the planning and paperwork
2. Teams and Leaders for motivation and unity
3. Words to Know to get this show on the road
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
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