Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Great news for your yearbook sales
People can Pay in 4
Over the summer, we added PayPal to Yearbook Order Center. That alone is great news because now your buyers can feel even more secure as they pay for their yearbooks and ads online. Even better, through PayPal, they can choose to make four equal payments for their purchases. Click here for all the details.
Discount codes are here
Yep. You heard that right! Through eBusiness, you can now set up and activate percentage-off or dollar-off discounts for all of your yearbook and ad sales. Hello, faculty discount! There is a lot to consider before jumping into this cool new feature, but as always, we’re here with the Pros and Cons. Before you get started, check out this document and this tutorial.
Keep these three handy.
1. Intro to Journalism for that first quiz of the school year
2. Theme and Voice for getting your book underway the right way
3. Writing and Reporting for reporter bootcamp
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Need a cool, interactive way to teach interviewing skills? This activity helps students understand how to get better answers to their interview questions. Check it out!
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12-piece printed curriculum set
Purchase our 12-piece printed curriculum set here.
Sales Assist
Need help selling your book? Check out Sales Assist.
Task Manager
Stay ahead of the work with Task Manager.
Online Ad Creation
Save time with Online Ad Creation.
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