Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
eDesign tips by text
There are so many cool new features that make eDesign awesome, and they are hard to absorb all at once. Some of the tiniest things can make yearbook design and layout so much easier. I mean, what would life be without CTRL+Z? (Or command+Z!) That’s why we are introducing an SMS texting service just for our customers.
Don’t worry, we won’t text you every day. But, when we come across a cool new trick or shortcut, you’ll get a heads-up.
Join today and get your first message.
Text: edesigntips to 833-508-0712
Your first text should arrive shortly after you enroll.
Text STOP to opt out at any time.
You can always call tech support. But many times, it’s easier to type. Rather than email, please use this address: herff.ly/techsupport. You’ll fill out a quick form providing the details of the problem you are encountering and can even attach a screen shot of the error message, which is always helpful. This site will replace the tech support email address that had been in use and ensure they get all of the information they need to help you quickly and effectively.
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
eShare got a makeover
HJ eShare was a lifesaver for lots of advisers last year, and we just finished its glow-up for the 2022 school year.
If you’re not familiar with eShare, it’s a service that allows parents, students or anyone else with the site address and your school code to upload photos directly to your eDesign account. You can use it for general photos or for portraits. Head over to Yearbook Discoveries for more information, handouts and tutorials.
Need to rewind? All of our Adviser Assistance emails are available on their own page.
12-piece printed curriculum set
Purchase our 12-piece printed curriculum set here.
Sales Assist
Need help selling your book? Check out Sales Assist.
Task Manager
Stay ahead of the work with Task Manager.
Online Ad Creation
Save time with Online Ad Creation.
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