Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Herff Jones Adviser Assistance
Don't yearbook alone
We’re serious about equipping advisers with a whole network of helpers. And, after the success of our virtual summer workshop, we wanted to continue to provide similar support to advisers around the country. There’s something for everyone in this series of virtual Zoom sessions we have planned starting in September and continuing through November. Check out the calendar on our Events page.
Click below to register for a virtual roundtable session. Attend one or all in your series. Each will include a host, but we want you to bring your questions and discussion topics. We are really looking forward to seeing you there!
New Advisers: New to yearbook or new to Herff Jones
High School Advisers: Big and small, public and private
Middle School Advisers: Club or class, petite or grande
Editors in Convos: EICs and those who aspire to be
P.S. Please make sure your editors know about the EIC series. We are always so impressed with student talent.
Be sure to check these out.
1. The Turn the Page workshop videos are in their permanent spot in the Resources section of Yearbook Discoveries.com and still reachable at herff.ly/turnthepage.
2. If you’re ready to learn about working with portraits in eDesign, sign up for a session. The first one is Sept. 21.
3. If you haven’t signed up for eDesign tips by text, message edesigntips to 833-508-0712.
We bet you’re already working on selling books — and we have exciting news for you. We’re having a yearbook sales contest, and we’re planning it for National Yearbook Week, Oct. 3–9. So, get ready for some fun and prizes.
Mark your calendar, start working on your best book sales ideas and tune in for more details.
Need to rewind? All of our Adviser Assistance emails are available on their own page.
12-piece printed curriculum set
Purchase our 12-piece printed curriculum set here.
Sales Assist
Need help selling your book? Check out Sales Assist.
Task Manager
Stay ahead of the work with Task Manager.
Online Ad Creation
Save time with Online Ad Creation.
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