Share with herff jones your YBK Ways

We see you. You love your school, you love your yearbook program, and you’re ready to get out there and tell everyone how awesome yearbook is.

We’re looking for advisers and students who want to share the power of yearbook through content creation on @HJYearbook on Instagram and @Herff_Jones on TikTok. Or, share your advice, tips or first-hand experiences on the Yearbook Discoveries blog.

What it Takes:

• Loves yearbook and journalism (of course!)
• Enjoys all things social media and/or blogging
• Happy to share their YBK experiences
(Calling on former yearbookers too!)
• Must be 13+ or older, please!

What You’ll Gain:

• An opportunity to build your resume and portfolio
• A chance to be featured on HJ social or blog (Maybe a new follower or two!)
• Potential to earn HJ swag and/or cash for content
• Connection to the Herff Jones YBK network

Simply fill out the form below to be considered