Yearbook Academy: What is a Theme?

Yearbook Academy: What is a Theme?

When it comes to creating your best yearbook yet, you can never have enough resources. Just in time for the start of the school year, we’re introducing Yearbook Academy, a series of short videos that will help your staff create and market the yearbook. We’ll be featuring a few of the videos on the blog, but if want access to watch them all, visit the Yearbook Academy page and log in with your HJ credentials. If you’re not yet a Herff Jones customer, click here to watch the entire collection of Yearbook Academy videos. Your editors and staff will love learning more about yearbook from this new video series.




A theme is made up two components:

  • A verbal statement
  • A visual look

These two components should provide unity throughout the book and effectively tell the story of the year.

A good theme is a verbal statement, paired with a visual look that ties the book together

The theme should appear on:

  • Cover
  • Endsheets
  • Title page
  • Opening
  • Dividers
  • Index
  • Closing
  • Folios

The theme should be developed through:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Type
  • Graphics
  • Color
  • Story content
  • Book organization

Look for each and every possible opportunity to weave your theme into your coverage!

*If you want access to watch them all, visit the Yearbook Academy page and log in with your HJ credentials. Not yet a Herff  Jones customer? Click here to gain access to the entire collection of Yearbook Academy videos.

Kristen Creed

Kristen Creed

Copywriter, Herff Jones Yearbook Division

Being a yerd for three years led me to what I do now — write. Aside from that, the things that make me happiest are: cooking (despite how the end product may turn out), sand, waves and sunshine, all things pineapple and every single moment spent with the ones who mean the most to me.
Kristen Creed
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