Yearbook Done Right: Canva Integrations in eDesign

Changing How You Yearbook, Forever

Ah, Canva, you know it and love it. After you use it in eDesign, your yearbook suddenly becomes easier – and better – than ever! Let us put you on to yearbooking done right with our exclusive Canva integrations through eDesign. 


eDesign is easy to use, even for beginners. This one-stop, drag-and-drop wizard gives you access to templates and graphics, photo and file management, easy portrait flow capabilities and so much more. With Canva integrated, you have what you need to create your best yearbook yet. Herff Jones partnered with Canva to equip all eDesign users with easy access to the amazing array of design and photo-editing tools. With more than 100 million monthly active users worldwide, we’re confident you’ll agree — your yearbook life just got a whole lot cooler. Click here to see quick video tutorials of this partnership in action.


Add graphic elements from Canva’s massive icon library. Canva elements are a great way to customize your spread design with everything from traditional clip art to trendy touches. Add them as stand-alone art pieces or use backgrounds to create a full-spread look. Use your book’s theme to find elements that fit your vibe. There are hundreds to choose from in every topic, so you’re sure to find something that works for you!

Style your type to fit your book’s vibe. Your headline packages can look better than ever with type treatments in Canva’s font library and text effects. Use pre-designed templates and customize them to your theme. Or, create your own from scratch by picking a font package you like and adding effects such as glitch, shadows, curve and more!

Get all your photo editing done in one place. Image editing through Canva is next-level with its photo filters and effects. You’ll feel like a photo pro with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, colors and more. Removing backgrounds takes SECONDS (yes, you read that right) when you utilize the power of Canva in eDesign. No more spending hours cutting out heads in Photoshop. The Canva Background Remover tool is extremely efficient. And, if it doesn’t get your cutout just right, use the erase and restore tool.

All of these amazing features (and more) are demonstrated on our quick looks page. Check them out, and show them to your staff. 

Want to see eDesign + Canva in action? Click here to sign up for a quick demo and to meet your local rep.