These videos have been in the Herff Jones toolbox for years and — while most of the content is evergreen — there are some dated references (like Snapchat being mentioned in the Social Media segment and more disparity then than now in shooting amazing photos with a phone).

The book examples were fresh when the videos were made, but the explanations are proof that great theme work maintains its impact through the years.

Marketing Videos


Excitement for Yearbook Marketing


Print Marketing for Yearbook


Social Media Yearbook Marketing


Guerrilla Tactics for Yearbook Marketing


Targeted Yearbook Marketing


Top 10 Tips for Yearbook Marketing


30 Yearbook Marketing Ideas in 60 Seconds

Theme Videos


What is a Yearbook Theme?


What Makes a Good Theme?


Picking Your Yearbook Theme


Kinds of Themes: School Name and
Initials Themes


Kinds of Themes: Reaction and
“Fun” Themes


Kinds of Themes: School Anniversary and
Change Themes


Kinds of Themes: School Location and
Pride Themes


Kinds of Themes: School Color and
Mascot Themes


Kinds of Themes: Diversity and
Double-Edged Themes

Photography Videos


Introduction to DSLRs


Great Photo Composition


Exposure Triangle


What’s In Your Camera Bag?


Lenses: Where Do We Start?


Nikon vs Canon – Which Camera System
Should I Use?