Drive-thru distribution

In this scenario, parents/students pick up books in a drive-thru format. Plus, they don’t have to get out of their car! Here’s a worksheet to help you think through all of the details. And here are some drive-thru distribution success stories to inspire you!


  • Parade for seniors: Beyond scheduling a basic drive-thru pickup scenario, promote a parade route through town, taking your main street to the school. Enlist teachers to be stationed along the route with signs to cheer (at an appropriate distance). Station the yearbook distribution at the end of the parade. You could even include music and announce students as they receive their books. If your whole school is involved, seniors could decorate cars; perhaps have them go ahead of the other grades and stay in the parking lot to honk greetings to the younger students.
  • Combine with packet pickup: If parents are coming to school to pick up packets, combine distribution with this schedule.
  • Combine with meal pickup: If meal pickup is being offered, yearbook distribution could be added to the process. Consider whether a large percentage of your school population would be participating in meal pickup and make sure the traffic flow would allow for parents who are not picking up meals to get in and out easily.

What works:

  • Use Send and Sell and social media to provide information at least a week ahead of time.
  • Get help promoting your pickup from local TV stations or local digital billboards. Use the school marquee to advertise dates and times, as well.
  • If you have the opportunity to sell books at pickup, definitely consider doing so. Many parents may have been waiting until books arrived on campus before buying.
  • Make a plan for accurately distributing personalized books and packages. Click here for more details.