A yearbook gallery divided by academic levels for easy use and filled with examples from books across North America. The yearbook showcase is the perfect place to get cover, design and theme ideas for your book.

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Fresh ideas, examples and lots of inspiration are at your fingertips in each issue of Yearbook Discoveries magazine. Insightful articles written by your peers can be accessed on your tablet and shared with your staff in class.


Yearbook lovers everywhere will be thrilled to receive any of these products created specifically with them in mind. Celebrate accomplishments, decorate your classroom or show staff appreciation.

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This Little Rectangular Game-Changer

This Little Rectangular Game-Changer

Walk into Evan Williams’ classroom at Clay Middle School in Carmel, Indiana, and you might think you’ve walked into a professional journalism office. There’s not a desk to be seen. There’s a tad of chaos. And there are students clustered…
Countdown Craftiness

Countdown Craftiness

‘Tis the season to take a step back from the computer. That’s right. Put down the spreads. Take one step back. Now another. Now a deep breath. You can keep editing until every word loses meaning, or you can take Alicia Luttrell’s…
The Future Starts Here

The Future Starts Here

One professional designer has three JEA/NSPA conventions to thank for his career. So, take note fall convention attendees in Dallas. You never know which students will find their callings, their careers and their tribes through high school publications.…

Light Bulb Moment

Adviser and staff change the way their yearbook takes shape. His light bulb moment happened in church. Willamette University’s Cone Chapel to be exact. That was the site for Yearbooks Northwest’s 2015 opening session, and where adviser…


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