Your story is our story.

Years of experience as a yearbook printing company have taught us that nothing captures the energy and excitement at your school like a yearbook filled with photographs and achievements. We support each step of the yearbook journey with an unmatched curriculum, technical support and local representatives who understand the challenges you face, the sacrifices you make and the desire you have to produce and purchase a quality product. From real-time to timeless, you can count on Varsity Yearbook.

Joining forces with Varsity Spirt, Herff Jones Yearbooks is now Varsity Yearbook. Varsity Spirit is a global force for school spirit, athletic achievement and student success. By providing premium products and organizing world class experiences for cheer, dance, performing arts, and yearbook, this organization is unsurpassed in its mission of elevating student and athlete experiences while setting the standard for spirit around the world.

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It feels like everyone cares about my book as much as my staff does. That’s part of what makes them a special publisher to me and why I wouldn’t entertain going with anyone else.”

Debbie Glenn

adviser | Blue Valley West HS
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“They put education and the experience that the kids have first every single time. They partner with me through materials that make our jobs easier and more effective. I couldn’t imagine working with another company.”

Carrie Faust

adviser | Smoky Hill HS
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“No matter where you are on the spectrum —you’re a brand-new adviser or an English teacher that someone stuck with yearbook or it’s your passion— there’s something for everyone here that can help you.”

Kathy Habiger

adviser | Mill Valley HS
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“I truly feel like a little family within. It’s always such a helpful community. They’re always on top of making sure that their advisers are supported and that their advisers can then support the rest of their school.”

Emily Lopota

adviser | Edgewater HS
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“Everything from the customer service to the product to the ease of use works out wonderfully. You have a friend and a mentor and also somebody who’s willing to give you ideas and suggestions. It’s a great relationship.”

Dr. Gabriela De Francisco

adviser | Miami Sunset Senior HS
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“For the most part, the content you’re going to get one way or another, but the relationships are truly what brings people back to companies. I’ve just been really blown away by how welcoming and supportive they are.”

Jason Jordan

adviser | Lake Mary HS
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