We know what it takes to be a yearbook adviser, and when you work with Varsity Yearbook, you will never yearbook alone. Enjoy these free resource samples as a sneak peek of what we have to offer.

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Advising has never been easier.

Advising has never been easier.

We want you to see the whole picture of how we make yearbook education easier. By providing customizable resources, and layering on one-on-one guidance from local representatives and support from our customer service team, you’ll see the difference.

Tools of the Trade

Tools of the trade


Our Adviser Assistance emails provide you with the current need-to-know info and resources to make your job easier on the spot. Our customers get reminders when big things are happening in the yearbook world.


Brand new for the 2024 school year, our Student Workbook and Adviser Guide are on the topics advisers and their staffs conquer in the process of building a yearbook.


Putting together a yearbook is a lot of work. We know adding book sales to that workload can make advising yearbook seem like a chore. That’s why we offer a full set of tools, so managing the business side of yearbook doesn’t have to take you away from teaching.

Events & Workshops

From our virtual workshops to regional events, we offer the tools you need to start your first yearbook or learn new tricks as a veteran.

ready to learn more?

If you’re looking for extra advising help, Varsity Yearbook may be the perfect fit. A local yearbook representative will be in touch to share how we can help make advising yearbook easier than ever.