Distribution with a twist

This is a traditional distribution day with a time-warp involved. If your normal spring delivery has been moved to fall or your spring delivery happens once students are allowed back in the school building, you can still make it fun for students.


  • Locker clean-out day: Some school districts, where school is closed for the remainder of the academic year, will need to provide a day for students to come clean out their lockers. This may provide an opportunity to host a distribution party.
  • Textbook/technology collection: Like the above suggestion, most schools will have to figure out a system for collecting textbooks and technology before the end of their school year. Perhaps having a fun setup to hand out the yearbook can piggyback with this. This helps for schools that put holds on yearbook pickup for outstanding bookstore fees too.
  • First home football game: It’s the first big event of the season and everybody comes. Some schools even hold a yearbook dance, where fall-delivery books are traditionally distributed. It’s a great time to throw a party — and to sell any leftover books.
  • Thanksgiving/homecoming event: This would be a great way to give the Class of 2020 a chance to reconnect with the school and community. There are so many possibilities for giving them a proper sendoff.
  • Drive-up delivery: Could students who need community service hours deliver books to homes? This might be the answer after another type of distribution has taken place and there are still unclaimed books. Suggest a metric of hours earned for delivering 20 books, hypothetically.

What works:

  • It may seem far off but planning ahead means you’ll have a date on the school’s master calendar, even if it’s tentative. Consider making planning part of your eLearning.
  • You may need a separate plan for seniors, such as inviting parents to pick up their books if your distribution happens in the fall.
  • Get help promoting your pickup from local TV stations or local digital billboards. Use the school marquee to advertise dates and times, as well.
  • Whenever you hold your distribution, don’t pass up the opportunity to pre-sell your 2021 book. It could be as simple as taking down email addresses so you can add them to a Send and Sell list later.
    Reminder: You won’t be able to sell via YOC if you are still accepting money for 2020 books.
  • Make a plan for accurately distributing personalized books and packages. Click here for more details.