How Do You Feel About Being Editor of the Yearbook?

How Do You Feel About Being Editor of the Yearbook

It was mid-May Junior year. The school year was coming to an end and summer was quickly nearing. Just as I was able to take a deep breath, exhaling stress, along with the angst of AP testing and what to wear to Prom, I was approached with a formidable challenge.

“How do you feel about being the editor?” my yearbook adviser asked.

A nervous laugh was my initial reaction. How could I possibly fill that role? I had been a part of the yearbook committee for merely a year, initially joining the group in search of a new hobby. Certainly, I admire playing sports and working with children, but I longed for a change of routine. Suddenly, I was asked to bear the greatest responsibility the committee has to offer. Weren’t there people who begged for the job? Or at least who were more experienced than I was?

“We need you,” she simply said.

I decided to assume the position of yearbook Editor-in-Chief. I had my doubts, but I would approach this challenge as I would any new adventure, with an open mind and my full commitment. This was a chance to prove that I am capable of leading my peers while working collaboratively.

Within a few weeks, I discovered that being yearbook editor came naturally to me. I was able to create a vision and execute it with photos and text in order to capture the true spirit of my school and peers. With each turn of a page, I found myself becoming more confident.

Now, as a senior, I the process is simply second nature. As I delegate assignments to the staff, I seek a balance between giving my peers independence on their own pages and being prepared to step in to guide them. I went from editing my own 3-5 page papers to overseeing the 450 that chronicled the lives of all those who attend my high school.

Designing and editing the yearbook is not simply about photos and deadlines. It’s about the journey taken to create the final product. This position forced me to go out of my comfort zone, to channel my creativity and imagination and to push aside my shy nature to pursue a student who needs to be featured.

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook has truly been one of my highlights of high school.

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