Get Excited for these eDesign Features

We have a variety of updates in the works for the coming school year. These new features are sure to take your new yearbook to the next level! Here are just some of the amazing tools you can start working with soon.

1. New fonts. Joining the more than 500 fonts currently in eDesign, we’re introducing a few more to add to your creative toolbox. Check out the new options coming for 2024 here. Please note that these are still being tested to ensure they pass our quality expectations.

2. Text wrap. We’re welcoming new enhancements that we know you’ve been waiting for. Say hello to text wrap in 2024! Yep, that’s right. Text wrap is a powerful feature to enhance your design experience. With text wrap, you can easily control the way your text flows around images, graphics and even other text frames. By controlling the way your text flows around other elements, you can ensure that your pages look polished and professional.

3. Preview Mode. We’ve made some improvements to the workspace controls to provide an easy way to toggle preview mode. With this feature, you can have a clean spread with one click or with a keyboard shortcut. You still have individual controls for the visibility of each non-printing element.

4. Template Enhancements. When saving a template, you can choose to save items in the pasteboard with the template. When placing a template, you have the option to add the template to the existing contents of the spread or to replace all the existing elements.

5. Default Character Styles. You can set a default character style so that all new text frames will be created with the text styling you choose.

6. New and Refreshed Book Styles. Several new Book Styles are joining the eDesign Catalog while two previous favorites, Retro and Composition, received a mini facelift. These Book Styles have been created by our Kansas City professional artists to provide everything from covers to the last page. In addition to our Book Styles, bonus templates for both single pages and spreads have been added to the eDesign Catalog.

Check out the video below to see all the new features in action!