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Countdown Craftiness

‘Tis the season to take a step back from the computer. That’s right. Put down the spreads. Take one step back. Now another. Now a deep breath. You can keep editing until every word loses meaning, or you can take Alicia Luttrell’s advice. The yearbook adviser and librarian from Maryville Junior High in Maryville, TN, […]

The Future Starts Here

One professional designer has three JEA/NSPA conventions to thank for his career. So, take note fall convention attendees in Dallas. You never know which students will find their callings, their careers and their tribes through high school publications. The industry’s next designers, writers and creative directors are probably attending this convention. On Nov. 8 just […]

Light Bulb Moment

Adviser and staff change the way their yearbook takes shape. His light bulb moment happened in church. Willamette University’s Cone Chapel to be exact. That was the site for Yearbooks Northwest’s 2015 opening session, and where adviser Chris Wells had a revelation. “Sitting at Willamette — it was the first camp we’d ever attended ­— […]

Marketing Your Books

It’s not enough to create a beautiful yearbook and hope it sells so you can pay your final bill. It takes strategic planning and implementation of the plan to experience a sell-out and true success. There are a variety of successful strategies that can be used to sell yearbooks so you’ll want to consider all […]

It Really IS Your Business

The real-life skills learned during the course of the year by creating and producing the yearbook and marketing it to the student body are some of the highlights of being a productive member on a yearbook staff. With the right training, your business can exceed expectations, but —  just like in the real world — […]

Summer’s Not Over Just Yet

After 180 days of school, summer is an anticipated “holiday” that everyone looks forward to and — while it’s not part of the school year per se — the people and things they do are still worthy of coverage in your yearbook the following school year. If you’re not a seasoned adviser, you may be […]


Finding theme ideas was probably one of my favorite activities to do with yearbook staffs because there are viable theme ideas literally everywhere but you do need a trained “eye” to find the perfect one so let’s do a quick review before we start our hunt. A theme is a verbal statement with visual cues […]

It Themed So Perfect

The purpose of a theme is to tell the complete story of the school year in a unique and compelling way. As a staff, you’ll have to consider how this year is different than last year even if, on the surface, it seems like nothing extraordinary has really changed. Not a small job by any […]