National Yearbook Week

Let’s celebrate!

We know that in yearbook, as in other places in our lives, it’s important to celebrate every little victory. We hope you’ll join us on social media @HJYearbook on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and @Herff_Jones on Tik Tok and show us how you are celebrating National Yearbook Week by posting photos and stories of your staff and by completing the challenges. Make sure to use the hashtag #JustWatchUsYBK so you’ll see your posts show up on this page.

Click here for a complete rundown of the week’s activities.

Day 1Monday, Oct. 3 – Why We Yearbook
Print the pledge sheet and challenge your students to get creative with their ‘why” we should cover every student, every year.

Day 2Tuesday, Oct. 4Storytellers in Action
Show your staff in action: Interviewing, designing, all the yerds doing their yerd things.

Day 3Wednesday, Oct. 5Share a Sneak Peek
Share a sneak peek of your work with your community.

Day 4Thursday, Oct. 6Celebration Day
Today’s a great day to celebrate your staff members for all their hard work.

Day 5Friday, Oct. 7 – Book Sales Blitz
Show us your marketing skills and get ready to kickoff the Book Sales Blitz.

Use these graphics to celebrate and promote book sales!

Just Watch Us Yearbook