We went “All in” in Nashville

We were so excited to host our All In summer yearbook virtual workshop, alongside a few of our Tennessee yearbook reps this year in Nashville. Watch the video above to see our favorite workshop moments, plus testimonials from yearbook advisers and staffers about what yearbook means to them.

A yearbook doesn’t happen overnight. With our summer yearbook workshops, we hope our fellow yearbookers experienced the magic first-hand either in-person or virtually. Working with students and advisers in the Nashville area was such a treat. We loved seeing staffs using what they learned in the sessions and applying it to their books right then and there. We hope whether you were in-person or watching along virtually that you learned all the tips and tricks on how to make your best. yearbook. yet.

How will you go All in?

From theme and coverage to photography basics and design trends, we covered it all this year to equip you with all you need to start off strong. 

For our elementary and middle school yearbooks, you’ll find great information on yearbook 101 and where to find the resources to make your job easier. For our high school yearbooks, there’s a little bit of everything from leadership tips to designing like a pro. With Herff Jones, you’ll never yearbook alone.

The best part? If you registered to join the livestream, you have access to the recordings throughout the fall. There are great ways to incorporate these sessions to meet your needs. Host virtual guest speakers in class. Guide yourself through one of the many eDesign and Canva tutorials. Use them as new staff trainings or as refreshers for returning staff. Even adapt the lessons presented to fit your own class lectures. Because you have access to all of these yearbook resources, the opportunities are endless for you and your yearbook staff.

If you missed out on registering for the livestream, these videos will be shared on Yearbook Discoveries soon. Keep herff.ly/allin nearby. We can’t wait to see what lessons you apply to this year’s yearbook!