Host a block party or open house and make it an event they’ll remember for years to come.


  • Enlist help: Look for funding and support from organizations, such as student government or others the activities director recommends.
  • Need workers? Students involved in service organizations, such as National Honor Society, may be looking for service hours — or willing to help out.
  • Choose a theme. Decorate accordingly, and match your yearbook, your school’s theme or our sales materials. Include games and fun for the students, like photo booths and contests.

What works:

  • Use our planning resources on the YBK Day page and enlist lots of help. The more involvement, the more likely you are to bring the whole community together. If you’re new to planning big events, talk to PTA leaders who have planned spring festivals. They’ll be a lot of help.
  • Make a plan for accurately distributing personalized books and packages. Click here for more details.