How I Organize Deadlines

How I Organize Deadlines

To keep deadlines organized, I color code each one. In July, I go to Target, Walmart or Office Depot to find out who has the best variety of $0.10 colored folders. Each year, the selection varies so it helps to check them all out. I then load up on a variety of colored folders. My first deadline is red, then yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink (if I find orange folders I consider myself lucky!) I then create labels for the front of the folders that include signature sign offs for peer edit, first draft, final draft and when the page is published. Inside the folder, I expect students to keep their peer edit, first draft, final draft and any documents that are important to the spread (i.e. interviews with signatures — proving the person said the quote, scoreboards from the coach, etc).

How I Organize Deadlines

I have “in” and “out” bins that are placed on the wall where the students turn then folders in at each deadline. I HATE it when a student puts something on my desk and expects me to grade it right then. My students know that if the folder is in the “in” bin, I will grade it. They don’t ask me if it has been graded or when it will be graded because they know that when I am done with it they will find it in the “out” bin.

To store all of these folders throughout the year, I bought a colored organizer from Michaels (with a coupon.) I used a label maker and the students can find their folders in this organizer at anytime throughout the year.

When the folders are done — meaning we have submitted and published the page — I then put the folders in crates. I do not toss anything until the following year. Why, you may ask? Well, in the event anyone questions anything we have published, I can go back into the student’s folder to find out where they got the information.

I hope you find my color-coded organization system helpful as you plan early for the next staff and school year!

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    Cheryl says:

    I love this idea! I particularly like the interviews with signatures sheet. I sometimes question my middle schoolers about this because we’ve had a few instances in the past where a student who received their yearbook will tell me that they did not say what was printed. This should help!

    Jenn says:

    This looks AWESOME!! The color coding makes me giddy! Would you be willing to share what you put into the folders? Thank you!


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